How do I sort the Legos?

I started Sorting The Legos a couple years ago and I am still not done. It will never be done! But it has come along way.

Storage Solutions

See my blog post for some advice on how to choose your storage solution.

Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier

In the picture, you're looking at two Seville 7-Tiers side-by-side. These things are great for your largest piecetype segments.

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Sandusky Lee Mobile Wire Shelving with 15 Plastic Bins

This is a great small-to-medium container. I have two.

15 Bin Tabletop Parts Rack - Storehouse

This was the first storage element that I bought, when I first began to Sort The Legos! I use it for the smaller piecetype groups now.

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Piecetypes by Category

Small Circles and Tubes

Angle Bricks


Side stud elements

Chassis and Frames

Thin Wall Plates

Flat plates

Specialty doors

Big Engine and Dish Pieces

Hulls and Roofs

Wings and Angle Plates

Doors and Windows


Large Transparent Elements

Medieval Walls and Roofs


Structural Space Elements